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Tom Munro, Inspector


Tom Munro’s mission to redefine the home inspection industry by encouraging home buyers to “Expect more from your Home Inspector” is a success. Munro Home Inspections provides clients with Confidence when purchasing a home.  More and more home buyers and home owners have turned to Munro Home Inspections and The Home Inspector YouTube Channel for the valuable information Tom Munro is happy to share.  Tom has utilized platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share free education to anyone looking to buy, maintain or sell their home.

Tom Munro of Munro Home Inspections exceeds all standards of inspection in the Canada and the USA for home inspectors. As a member of Applied Science Trades & Technicians of British Columbia – Property Inspectors – ASTTBC-PI and appointed member of the Property Inspector Certification Board, Tom is directly involved in improvements to the industry and is looked on as the example of what an inspector should exemplify.

With Tom’s long list of Certifications, which continues to grow, he is able to provide clients with the knowledge they are looking for when buying or maintaining their home.

  • Certified Home Inspector – CHI
  • Certified Commercial Inspector – CCI
  • Certified Mold Inspector – CMI
  • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act – AHERA
  • Registered Reserve Fund Analyst – RRFA(L)
  • Licensed by the BC Consumer Protection Plan #58385
  • Certified by the Applied Science Technician & Trades of British Columbia – ASTTBC-PI

Averaging 280 homes inspected a year, Tom Munro of Munro Home Inspections Ltd. has redefined the quality of the home inspections. With standards that exceed the highest standards of inspection in the country,  Tom continues to push the rest of the industry to be better. Tom’s tool bag contains the latest and greatest inspections tools creating more information for the client.

You will have the confidence that your home has been inspected with a Munro Home Inspection.


“Expect more from your home inspector”

This is what you can expect from a Munro Home Inspections:

  • Time – An Inspection is not a race, diagnosing potential problems takes time, MHI takes the time.
  • A thorough inspection – With a scrupulous eye for deficiencies and latent defects, MHI is thorough.
  • A comprehensive report – Reports are created on the MHI database which creates a tailored PDF report specifically for your home with a list of documents you should attain, safety items, repair items and yearly maintenance items to help you manage your home.
  • Report Review – MHI prides itself on reviewing all the pictures and report face to face with the clients.
    Clients get a view of the home from the perspective of the inspector and can ask all the questions they have regarding the property.
    Clients have the confidence the home was inspected because they can see the thoroughness of MHI.
Tom Munro CHI

Tom Munro, Inspector

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